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yarn suction gun

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Yarn Suction Guns are used for threading of yarn on Winding machines. Based on yarn speed, yarn denier and available compressed air, following models of Yarn Suction Guns are developed by us.

To get better performance at low air Consumption, we keep on improving design of our suction guns. Yarn Suction Guns are also known as Air Guns, Threading Guns or High speed Yarn Guns. Our emphasis is on light weight and compact design without sacrificing strength.

We supply special spanners to dismantle Threading Guns. Same spanners are used to assemble the Threading Guns.

To achieve optimum performance of Yarn Suction Guns, we advice to use different types of Yarn suction Guns for different yarn deniers. If production is not fixed and denier can vary as per market demand then it is advised to select MII 7 model of the Yarn Suction Gun. This model of Yarn Suction Gun can be used for wide range of deniers.

Currently we are developing Yarn Suction Gun which can give satisfactory performance at low inlet air pressure of 4 kg/cm2.

Technical Details


      Yarn Suction Gun for POY        Yarn Suction Gun For POY

     SG1MII         Yarn Suction Gun For FDY


    SG1_4MII5         Yarn Suction Gun For Draw Winder 

     SG1_2M7-new         Yarn Suction Gun for Low Speed Winders  

     SG for PSF_PP-new         Yarn Suction Gun For for PP, PSF and such heavy Deniers

      SG for Texturising-new         Yarn Suction Gun for Texturising Machine 

    SG1_2CR5-new          Creel Suction Gun for Air Texturising Machine 

Download SG1MII Catalogue
Download SG 3/4″ MII Catalogue

Spare Parts

We supply following spares -
1. Ceramic Eyelet Guide
2. Thread Guide Holder
3. Hylum Pipe Cover
4. Suction Gun Holder
5. Suction Pipe
6. Suction Nozzle
7. Outlet Nozzle
8. Outlet Pipe
9. Inlet Pipe
10. Ball Valve
11. Housing
Pl. Note : While placing an order for Suction Gun Spares, please mention Suction Gun Model.

Servicing and Repairing

We undertake Yarn Suction Gun repairing and servicing. We replace the damaged parts, assemble the same and test. Cost of repairing depends upon the parts requiring replacement. We can enter in to Annual Maintenance Contract as well. For servicing of Yarn Suction Gun or AMC please mail us.


Apart from products under development mentioned in the earlier Blog, we have developed following products against orders –
1 Stripping Nozzles with solenoid valve and timer.
2 Exhaust Boxes (similar to MFA system) to contain spin finish spilling
3. Spin pack modification to improve life of spin pack components
4 Spin pack modification to suit different spinnerets.
5 Repairing of Booster regulators
6 Pneumatic Idlers

A lot of exciting developments are taking place in Matchless Enterprises. Some are product developments, some are process developments and some are business developments.
I) Product Developments –
1. Low air consumption Yarn Suction Guns – We are currently working on the same. Once developed, these Yarn Suction Guns can work at 4 kg/cm2 inlet air pressure instead of existing requirement of 6 to 8 kg/cm2. This will lead to huge saving of compressed air leading to lower operation cost and increased profit for our customers.
2. Hand held versatile cutter – mainly to be used for agriculture. Once developed these cutters will have wide application – cane cutting, bamboo cutting, bunch of bananas, cutting small branches etc. Since these cutters will be powered by Solar panel, the same can be used where electricity is not available.
3. Portable power unit – Solar Powered small power unit being developed for above versatile Cutter can be used for other applications such as lighting the farm house, pumping water from well etc.

II) Process Development – Special Spray Dryer –

We are developing a spray drying process in which heat sensitive products and products containing sugar can be dried and converted to powder. Once developed, this process will be a boon to farmers because majority of vegetables and fruits can be spray dried and converted to powder. Farmers will get pre determined rates and they need not throw away vegetables due to low rates.

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